Monday, February 22, 2010

Backsplash Tile

Image Yellow Dog Design

This is a picture of the first backsplash I ever installed. It was done just as we were being transferred to Denver, and had to sell our house quickly. I didn't have the time or money to update the cabinets, so I added the backsplash, new hardware, and eventually countertops. Even though it has been a few years, I still think the kitchen looks cute. And maybe because it was like my first born, I really loved that backsplash.

This past few weeks my friend Heather and I have been on another backsplash mission. We have been to the tile store five times, burned through at least two tanks of gas, and eaten several yummy lunches along the way. The problem, is that tile is a little bit like ice cream....there are just so many flavors, it is really difficult to narrow your choice down to just one. It is also incredibly hard not to second guess yourself once you have made your choice. But finally, after much deliberation, we both came to a decision on our backsplashes.

Heather: Heather has an incredible knack for design, and a really beautiful, classic two-story home she built with her husband about five years ago. Although her house could not be more beautiful, she has found herself a little tired of looking at the same four walls she has looked at for the past five years (sounds familiar right)? Anyway, she is making a few small changes to make her home feel fresh. Heather's kitchen has beautiful knotty cabinets, a black painted island (which will be getting a lighter coat of paint in the next few weeks), stainless appliances, and new gold granite counters. Her backsplash choices came down to three finalists. 1. A 3 x 6 pale gold crackle subway tile (the most affordable). 2. A beautiful hand-poured pale yellow subway tile 3. A golden 2 x 4 glass subway tile (the most expensive). Which one did she choose??? The gold 2 x 4 glass tile (of course)! The photo below is the tile Heather picked, just in a different color. We ordered it today, and it should be in within the week. I will post a "how-to" with lots of pictures of Heather's great kitchen after we install it next week.

Image American Olean Legacy Glass

Me: I was really only wavering between two choices. 1. classic white hand-poured subway tile. 2. Walker Zanger beveled harlequin patterned tile. (Similar to the one designer Brooke Giannetti used in a Los Angeles kitchen remodel. To see more of Brooke's amazing design, click here.)

Image Brooke Giannetti (Velvet and Linen)

In the end, the classic white subway tile won out. For me, it really came down to price. I loved both tile choices equally, but the harlequins were twice the price. I still have SOOOOOO many house projects I need to do, that it was really just about priorities. A few hundred dollars is a cool shaggy rug, some roman shades, or a really neat drum pendant for my entry. And just for the sake of keepin it real............I really love white subway tile.

Image Elle Decor

Image Unknown


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