Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bedrooms & Baths

Master Bedroom 

I am finally getting around to posting pictures of the "bedrooms & baths" of our former house.  The picture above is of the Master Bedroom.  The bedroom itself was quite small in square footage, but the attached en suite was spectacular.  

The bedroom before was covered floor to ceiling in plywood box cabinets.  You can never have enough storage in your master bedroom.  Maybe I should install some cabinets in my new bedroom.  I could have a spot for extra batteries, egg cartons, old newspapers, clothes pins......the possibilities are endless!

En suite

And the attached en suite.  His and hers vanity areas, open shelving, giant soaker tub, french doors leading out onto a deck, walk-in European shower, walk-in closet and private laundry facilities (not shown), to the right down a small hallway between the tub and toilet facilities.

The "BEFORE" master bathroom.  Pretty enticing, I know.  Hard to believe we felt the need to remodel, right?  Oh and by the way, this was before we had actually started work.  The bathtub plumbing was indeed missing before we even bought the house.  Where did it go?

The former master bathroom was removed, and opened up into the former kitchen area.  To the left you can see the french doors, which are now in front of the soaker tub.

Children's Bath

During Construction

The new bathtub is actually housed in the location stolen from the former master bedroom closet.


 Boy's Bedroom 


    Boys bedroom "Before"

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