Sunday, September 26, 2010

Salt Lake City Style

So what does a million dollars buy you these days? Well if you live in Salt Lake City it can buy you a mini mansion with lots of iron, dark cabinets, and granite counter tops everywhere, or it can buy you about 3700 square feet of high style renovation in a family neighborhood. A million bucks can even buy you a luxury high rise condo just steps from downtown, and all that it has to offer. If you have a million dollars here, you can get almost anything you want. I know which one I would pick. Do you?

First up: Mini Mansion:

This home is listed for $980,000, and has about 5600 square feet.

Trademark iron and dark wood features.

I think the white island is a nice touch.

Cool fireplace "over mantel".


Theater (a must have for your mini-mansion).

Master Bath.

A more detailed listing for this home can be found here:

Second Choice: Renovated period home:

Totally charming exterior (in my mind the outside of my house looks just like this) :)

Super cute entrance. I love the bench built into the nook. I think I have seen this designers work before. I wish I knew her name.

Kitchen featuring Calcutta Marble, Viking and Bosch appliances. The hot pink and red accents are a fun touch. Calcutta is a nice marble choice, with a little more gold running through than Carrerra.

Cool island. I'm not sure this is exactly how I would do it, but still cool.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this banquette. This is the picture that attracted me to this house. Well this and about a MILLION other things! This is exactly what I have in mind for my small kitchen nook.

Dining room. Great wallpaper. Not much room to manuever around.

Living room. Very soothing. Love the gold framed art. Note to self: find out the name of this real estate photographer.

Master Bedroom. Ehh.

Boys bedroom. Cute.

Girls bedroom. Also cute (Lucy did not love it.... but she can be very picky).

I'm sure you can tell this is the house I like best. The rest of this listing can be found here, along with bigger pictures (I wish I could figure out how to adjust those realtor website photos).

Option #3: High Rise Condo:
I have to say, I love the idea of being able to go to a Jazz game, or concert, and then walk a few steps back home. This doesn't really feel like home to me though....I think you would always feel like you were on vacation.

This listing is actually a bargain at only $879,000, but it does only have 2200 Square Feet.

Kitchen and eating area.

Bedroom. Not much in the way of privacy.

Bath. I like the small tiles.

The reason you would buy this condo.

Another angle.

If you are interested in learning more about this property, please click here.
Thanks for joining me on this tour! Have a great week, and start buying houses! Let's get this economy going again.


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