Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bathroom Inspiration

(Photo found on Olioboard)
I wanted to share with you the inspiration photo for my new client's bathroom.

I'm helping my sister-in-laws Mother, (one of my favorite people by-the-way), re-design the one and only bathroom in their home.

They have a really cool earthy, Southwest style, similar to this home I spotted in a Phoenix home magazine (sorry I lost track of the credit).

This is Diane's living room (and my brother Eric on the sofa).
I'll keep you posted on the progress! Happy Saturday!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Making Oak Cool

Designer William Hefner created this warm and modern kitchen for his family in Los Angeles. The kitchen was photographed for a recent issue of House Beautiful, found here.

This kitchen has such great style, and if you look closely you will notice............

the cabinets are oak.

Making oak look this "cool" is something I have been struggling with lately.

In design, especially in kitchens and baths, there are often pieces that cannot be changed. Whether by choice or budget, sometimes we have to find a way to work in materials and finishes that we would not choose if given the option.

The cabinets in our new project house are in great condition, and really high quality cabinets. I would never consider replacing them (we are doing this to make money you know), but if it were up to me only, they would have been painted right away. My Dad (and partner) thought otherwise. And as with any partnership, there is the cabinets are not going to be painted.

Remember in Jr. High and High School when the cool kids always knew how to rock their braces/worn out jeans/crappy car and make them seem like a choice rather than a burden. That is what I have to do for this kitchen! I have to rock my blue Chrysler Lebaron, oops I mean this golden oak kitchen, and rise above the mediocrity.

I ordered the granite this week. I am finalizing tile and appliances now as well.

Below are my top four choices for kitchen countertops. Leave a comment and let me know which one is your favorite. (Maybe I should have asked before I ordered. Oh well!) I'll let you know later which one was the winner.

1. Gray granite (I thought it resembled Carrerra Marble) with a tiny bit of yellow streaking through to pick up the cabinet color.

2. Black undertones (looks good with black accents obviously)

3. This one is called Cream something or other, lots of yellow/rust accents

4. Great neutral brown granite (also the most expensive)

Hope you are having a stellar week!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When I Grow Up

burger dining 3
When I grow up I want to be Linda Burger.

burger courtyard
Linda began her amazing career in interior design, and renovating and remodeling homes. She eventually started her own luxury home building business, and ended up moving half-way around the world from South Africa to Vancouver.

burger kitchen 2
Her homes are INCREDIBLE!!!

burger dining 2
When you picture in your mind what your dream home would look like, chances are it looks something like a home built by Linda Burger.

burger bath
You can find more from her amazing portfolio on her website here.

burger bath 2
If you need a little inspiration for your bathroom remodel, or a beyond your wildest dreams renovation, her portfolio really is a good place to start!

burger dining
Talk to you soon!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday Snip-its

Auernig Comp
No design today. Just a few photos from our trip.
This is all of us at Lucy's Cheer Competition in Anaheim.

They took 2nd place in their division! Thanks Coach Kyley (and Jenna too).

Lucy sparkle
I think this picture is so cool. Look how the camera captured one of the "sparkles" in Lucy's eye shadow.

hotel bath
Hanging out at the hotel.

Drews New
Our SO-CAL cousins. Thanks sooooo much for coming to Disneyland with us and letting us stay at your house!

It's too bad the boys weren't able to get the big suckers at the candy store.

Jer Ty
Uncle Jer as he's about to be arrested by the Disneyland was a narrow escape :)

Cam Jack

Lucy Manny



Quinny merry

ferris wheel

Things to remember for next year:

don't stay at Las Vegas Hilton
eat light
remember sunscreen
don't leave backpack on bus
invest in orthotic shoes

It was a great trip!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet Lizzie Carney

liz_1 closet from Nate Berkus show
Meet Lizzie Carney. Lizzie is a designer for the firm Euro Trash.

liz_78 lizzie carney nate berkus
These photos have circled around blogdom a lot over the past few months,but they deserve a repeat.

liz_9 lizzie carney nate berkus
I love her quirky style, and ability to mix textures and all genres of design.

liz_0 lizzie carney nate berkus

liz_234 lizzie carney nate berkus
But most of all, I LOVE her moody colors. This bedroom is almost the same color as mine!

liz_1 closet from Nate Berkus show
When I was packing for my trip last week, I just kept thinking about this closet.
As soon as I get some time, my closet has GOT to be one of my next projects.

Hope this gives you some inspiration for your closet too.

Hope you are having a good week!


Monday, April 11, 2011

Project I am Dying to Do

Every time I see this listing pop up online I get pains in my stomache.


master closet

I literally ache to work on this project.

living 2
A million dollar 1960's penthouse suite that has never been on the market.

The home is over 5,000 square feet, and occupies the entire top floor of the building.

The listing can be found here.

living 3
Can you even believe this view? It doesn't get any better!

Anybody know an investor?

I am going to create a mood board just for fun on this one....
maybe I can convince the new owners to implement my design.

Come back next week to see how the design turns out :)



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