Friday, April 15, 2011

Saturday Snip-its

Auernig Comp
No design today. Just a few photos from our trip.
This is all of us at Lucy's Cheer Competition in Anaheim.

They took 2nd place in their division! Thanks Coach Kyley (and Jenna too).

Lucy sparkle
I think this picture is so cool. Look how the camera captured one of the "sparkles" in Lucy's eye shadow.

hotel bath
Hanging out at the hotel.

Drews New
Our SO-CAL cousins. Thanks sooooo much for coming to Disneyland with us and letting us stay at your house!

It's too bad the boys weren't able to get the big suckers at the candy store.

Jer Ty
Uncle Jer as he's about to be arrested by the Disneyland was a narrow escape :)

Cam Jack

Lucy Manny



Quinny merry

ferris wheel

Things to remember for next year:

don't stay at Las Vegas Hilton
eat light
remember sunscreen
don't leave backpack on bus
invest in orthotic shoes

It was a great trip!

1 comment:

  1. Jer says; It was no problem....Disneyland thought he was Dumbo when he walked through the gates.

    haha!! Thanks for posting the pics....I am still needing a color from you for my dining room....cant stop thinking about it!! Love you guys.



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