Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A New/Old Trellis Style Lamp

Image from Phoebe Howard via DecorPad.

Really great lamps can TOTALLY make a space.  I love the way Phoebe Howard uses lamps in her decor.
  (see image above)

Lamps available from 1st Dibs. here.

The problem with a really great lamp, is that it usually has a great big price tag to go with it.  These cute yellow cut work lamps were several hundred dollars on 1st Dibs.

Lamp available from Phil Michael Trading Co. here.

Image from Phoebe Howard via DecorPad.

The bright green lamp in this Phoebe Howard bedroom is so much fun.

 I was STOKED when I found this vintage lamp at the thrift store a few months ago.   It started out in a brassy gold finish, and I quickly painted it leaf green.  (Like the color in the Phoebe Howard bedroom).  I wasn't thrilled with how the color turned out though, so I re-painted it in an aqua/beach glass color, and I LOVE IT!!!

The trellis cut work detailing is so trendy right now.  The details on this lamp are amazing.

I'm going to list the lamp on Etsy today.  You can find the Etsy listing here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That's Better

I want to thank everyone again for all the love and support the last few months.  I had a miscarriage the first part of February, and I have just sort of been in a funk since then (and actually a pregnancy funk before that).  But, Bryan and I took a little vacation to Seattle, and I have finally started to feel physically and mentally like my old self again.  (except with a few pounds to lose)

Anyway, I can't promise my blog will be back in full effect, but I will make some effort at periodical postings.

In other news.......

Lucy's cheer team has been great this year, and super consistent.  They have placed second in almost every meet.  Which is kind of weird, since there are varying numbers of teams and completely different teams they compete against at each meet, but they always do great, and have gotten a whole slew of second place trophies.

Lucy even got to bring home the team trophy this week!

Bryan's comp basketball team finished a rather long season a few weeks ago.
The "Red Fury" did not have a winning season, unfortunately, but they got MUCH better!

Cameron (far right in the photo) also turned 13 on March 2nd. Yikes!  
He is as sassy and gross as you would expect a 7th grader to be, and I love every minute of it!

And this guy just signed up for his first season of baseball.
He can't wait for practice to start.

On the home front, I have been re-finishing this piece of furniture.  
I'll have a post on that in the next few days. 

Here's a sneak peek.

Thanks again.  It's good to be back.


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