Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Snip-Its

It's been a while since a "Saturday Snip-its" post, and today is the perfect day for one. Bryan has the two youngest kiddos with him in Idaho (at the Fairfield house we are helping his parents renovate......more on that later). So Cameron and I were left home to fend for ourselves. Cameron of course has plans of his own, (which included golf and a whole lot of video game playing). So that left me to spend literally the WHOLE day working on the spec house with Duane. We started at 8:00 am, when he picked me up in his truck to go find a vanity for the master bath. The one we thought we had ordered fell through on Friday (about a week after it was supposed to be installed), so we had to make quick work finding a new one and getting it installed.

We found a vanity that fit at Lowe's, but about 45 minutes into the installation, Duane decided it just wouldn't cut the back in the truck it went. Trips to two different Home Depot's finally yielded a cabinet in the correct size and acceptable quality, and by afternoon, Duane had it installed. I spent the day painting........the second coat on the entry, the front door (that is too light, and needs to be darkened), and the new darker paint for the back bedroom. And running around looking for this and that for different projects in the house. My mom is busy sewing curtains and other odds and ends. We didn't finish work until 8:30 tonight.

But the good news is, the hall bath is nearly complete. It will be a huge relief to have at least one space in the house that is totally complete. I took a rushed trip to some of my favorite spots around town to see if I could find something to hang over where the new towel rack will be hung. The bathroom is very fine materials, marble, polished chrome, and white subway tile, so I wanted something rustic to contrast all the polished surfaces. I ended up with this great little rusty metal basket, that I picked up at the D.I. for $1.00!!!! I'm not kidding! A dollar. I can't show any more of the bathroom until the whole thing is ready to be revealed.

I found a few other D.I. treasures as well. My total bill was $4.50. I got these cute little vintage pottery dip bowls, that totally go with the rest of my turquoise pottery collection.

I'm going to sell the vintage TV dinner tray and the adorable measuring cups on EBAY. And now I am off to shower and get in bed. I AM EXHAUSTED!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tour Last Day

I hope you have enjoyed the tour this week. I think the exterior of Heather and John's house just looks like summer fun! We have roasted lots of marshmallows on that firepit, and I can't even count the hours my kids have played on that playset. So, even though we are excited for them to have a new house.....this house (and yard) will definitely be missed.

In case you are interested, you can view the complete listing here. Also, I am not claiming to be a photographer, and the professional photos are much better than what I showed you in my previous posts, so it's worth a look just to see those.

Have a great and safe Fourth of July weekend!


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