Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Chairish and a New Vintage Chic Playroom

Vintage Chic Playroom
A few weeks ago a friend contacted me about doing some design for her basement playroom.  It had the same problems that a lot of basement playrooms seem to have.  Lots of toys…… to play……… no one there to do any playing.  

For some reason she couldn’t get the kids to play there.  She thought that by upping the style factor and making the space more visually inviting, the kids might actually want to play there.  I couldn’t agree more!

Ironically, I received an email from right about the same time.  They asked if I would be interested in designing a concept around one of their vintage rugs.  Uh yes please!  

As soon as I took one look at my rug choices I knew that Kristi’s playroom, and this amazing teal overdyed rug from Chairish would be a match made in heaven!  And by the way, have you ever been to the Chairish website?!?  Piles and piles of one-of-a-kind vintage is seriously my happy place.  You can find the other great rugs they have available, here.   

The room is quite large, and a very basic beige color she had left over from another part of the house.  There is no natural light in the room, so color and lighting will become her best friends.  She will be painting, and getting new carpeting in the space also.

I immediately wanted to tackle the dark, ominous alcove in the corner.  Right now that part of the room is so dark, there is nothing but a giant lonely beanbag hanging out there.  

I suggested she move this AMAZING vintage gold velvet tufted settee she inherited from her grandma into the dark corner.  

Pops of teal would look great with the gold/citrine color of the settee she already has.  So a colorful teal rug like the Chairish one would be so incredible in this space!  The rich color on the ground, paired with a few other colorful items, and a white wall treatment of some kind would instantly cheer up the gloomy Gloomsville feel of the room.  If you are looking for a similar piece for your home, (and you should be, because there is nothing cooler than a gold velvet vintage sofa), you could go with this vintage one, (also from Chairish).  Or the new one in the style board is available via Burke Decor. 

Add a cool light fixture above the alcove, and some fun art, and KABAM… reading nook and instant style.  The fixture in the mood board is new, but a vintage light would be pretty incredible here too.  (link to mood board light at bottom of page)

If you are looking for your own vintage light, you should check out these two awesome choices, both available from Chairish.  (links below)

I also suggested she add some stylish new storage.  The one featured in the mood board is this one from Lamps Plus, but this EXPEDIT unit from IKEA would work great too.  It is a steal at only $99.  

On one of the long, window-less walls I am recommending a giant vintage map.  (I found this one on Chairish, and I was fist-pumping for like five minutes straight!)  It is the perfect color, and at over five feet wide, it is a great size.  Can you believe it is only $175?

On the other long wall, I think she should install some kind of display system for her children’s own art.  Instant, colorful, and super cheap!

And lastly, I am DYING over this teepee from Land of Nod.  Kristi please buy this!!!  Here is the link.  

Vintage Chic Playroom

Kristi, thank you so much for letting me design your room.   And Chairish, thank you so much for the opportunity to dream design!

If I can answer any questions, or if you need any help designing your kids dream playroom, don't hesitate to holla!

 Here are the links to some of the other fun items in the room.:  orb chandelier Seletti neon light,  Chairish cute yellow storage box, cat pillow, hombre pillow.


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