Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tour Day 2

Day 2 of the tour includes images from the upstairs of the home. At the top of the stairs is this cozy nook, and across the hall there is a computer armoire and 4th bedroom (not pictured).

Master Bedroom.

Master Bath. Her Side.

His Side.

Up close bathtub (and two-sided fireplace!)

Little Girls Room.

Girls Bathroom.

Boy's Bedroom.

Boy's Bathroom.

And that's it for the upstairs! My battery died just as I was photographing the girls room, or I would have had more shots in there.......errrrr, that's always how it goes.

Come back tomorrow for the outside! You won't want to miss it.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Heather's House

Heather is one of my very dearest friends. We have been friends since Jr. High Home Economics class. Our friendship has spanned high school drill team, bad boyfriends, college, and now our husbands and children are friends. She is putting her beautiful house up for sale this week. They are so torn about selling the house they designed and built themselves. Heather literally planting every single flower and tree by herself. They are sad to leave the house, and neighborhood, but the chance to buy her parents home in the mouth of the canyon, with its private lot, lush landscape and swimming pool, is just too much temptation.

Heather had plans to be away today, the same day the photos were being taken for the real estate tour, so I popped in and did a little bit of staging. (The house is so beautiful it really needed very little in the way of staging). I took lots of snapshots after the photographer left, and today's tour will include the main floor living areas. Tomorrow I will have photos of the upstairs, and exterior. Let me tell you, her yard is AMAZING!!!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures! I will add a link to the real estate posting when it becomes available online.

The formal living room, just to the right of the entry hall. The first photo was taken of the entry, with this living room directly across.

The Great Room fireplace. Those awesome mirrors are still available at Ballard Designs.

The Great Room seating area.

Side door to the outside wrap-around porch.

A comfy corner in the Great Room (notice the playset peeking through the window).

The kitchen window. We installed the glass subway tile last year. I blogged about it here. It is American Olean Legacy Glass.

The chandeliers are new too. Can you believe she found these at Overstock?

Super cute pictures of her kiddos!

Come back tomorrow to see the rest of the fun tour!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Design Star is back on HGTV July 11th!!!

I can't wait. Set your DVR now.


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