Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bittersweet Birthday

It's a bittersweet day today.  My little Quentin is turning six.  You might think the bittersweet part is that my baby is getting older.  He is growing up and needing me less and less each day.  When he is at school I am all alone at home.  Yes, all those things are true, but the sad news of the day is........
he threw up this morning. 

Some kids might be excited about getting to stay home on their birthday, but not Tinny.  He has been excited to go to school on his birthday for weeks!  He has changed his mind about his birthday treat like ten times.

So he'll just have to postpone all that until tomorrow.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he is actually not sick, but just so excited about today that he made himself sick.  :(  so sad.

Anyway, here are the snapshots we selected for his school birthday poster.  You get the digital version.

Tinny with his Oxygen hood, early December 2005.  He was HUGE!  I'm still
wearing a gown, so I'm guessing he was a day old.

 Still in ICU, but after they took him out from the hood.

 Christmas morning 2005.

 Broken Leg.  Halloween 2008 in Denver Colorado.

 Denver Zoo.  November 2008 right before we moved back to Utah.

 End of November 2008.  Christmas Card Picture.  Quentin was turning three.

 Dip'n Dots at some Utah sporting event.  Dip'n Dots are the only reason Tinny agrees to go.

 Lake Powell summer 2009.

Hanging out at the cousins in San Diego (one of his favorite things to do).

 Lake Powell summer 2010.

 Tinny L O V E S the snow.

First Day of School, fall 2011.

Spending time with his big bro Cameron.

His cousin and his buddy Nickle Pickle.

The whole family in April 2011 at Lucy's Cheer Competition.

Happy Happy Birthday Tinny!
I love you more each day.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Snip-Its

Thanksgiving Snapshots and a Christmas Sneak Peek 

We had Thanksgiving at the hotel this year with my mom's extended family.  Meaning my Grandma's brothers and sisters.....and families.  I'm not gonna lie.  It was a little off the hook this year.  My family was a tiny bit late (no surprise) and because of that, we ate Thanksgiving Dinner in the hall....that's right, on those faux leather hotel lobby the hall......on paper plates.  So, I'm not sure if we'll do that for our Thanksgiving Dinner again.  We may just come back to the hotel later in the day for the card playing/swimming/pie eating that goes on after the big meal.  It was fun though.  And super great to see all my extended cousins.

Tinny and Cameron
(Tinny had been swimming, hence the messy hair.) 

Julie and Bryan 

Grandpa Duane 

Lucy Lu (Also right after a swim)

Also, immediately following Thanksgiving Dinner, (I had literally just set down my fork), my Decorating Tsar (Tinny) asked when we would be getting out the Christmas Decorations.  I had told him about three months ago that we would take out the Christmas Decorations when Thanksgiving was over.  Apparently he had listened.

So I'm not ready for a whole big Christmas reveal, but just a sneak peek at what we are doing.

The best snag I have picked up this year is this $5 dollar FRESH garland and wreath from Home Depot.  The store told me they would not be getting more in once the shipment was gone, so if you have time today I would run over and get some.

You do have to pull an ugly red felt bow off the wreath before you use it (well I guess you don't have to, but we did).  I will show some more pictures when we get more done.

Happy Decorating!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey Day & Best Free Graphics Ever

So I promised to tell you all about the greatest website I just discovered.  And maybe I am slow (totally possible) or maybe you don't know about it either.


The Graphics Fairy here, has HUNDREDS of the coolest vintage clipart, and graphics you could ever imagine.  Did I mention they are FREE!!!!

I used a few of her prints for the Gallery Wall.  (Still not finished by the way).  You can either print them on your own printer, or I think the best thing to do is to email what you want, and specify the size, and send them to your local printer.  I had a vintage deer poster made in 11 x 14 size, for literally under two dollars.  You can also use the art for stationary, invitations, so many possibilities!!!

 Look how cute this wood be in a kitchen.  I thought it would be fun to have it printed on a color background.

These guys would be ADORABLE in a kids room.


She also has lots and lots of vintage botanicals, which if you have looked, you know how hard they can be to find.

And I will probably use a few for Christmas stuff.  There are so many to choose from.

Anyway, enjoy!  I probably spent two hours at her site last time I looked.

And Happy Thanksgiving one more time!  Remember to wear your stretchy pants.  :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Week

This year the Thanksgiving decorating at my house was pretty simple.  I strung up a string of photos of, well you know...things we are thankful for.  I had planned a "Give Thanks" or a "Be Thankful" banner, but it never panned out. 

One thing I am thankful for is that the kids only have one day left of school, then it is FIVE whole days of fun fun fun.  (Oh, and sleeping in).

I guess I did put out Grandma Blanche's brown transferware turkey platter.  Which I could not love more, I might add.    (Grandma Blanche is Bryan's grandma). 

I am not sure why I was the one to get the platter.  I am thinking that was  a pretty lucky snag.
Anyway, here is what I would like this Thanksgiving to include: pie-making with my Dad; homemade rolls; Diet Coke; cranberries; and gossip.

Image via Etsy seller Beach House Living

Here is what I can do without this year: store bought pie; margarine; stuffing that has any sort of nuts, meat products, or anything else that doesn't belong in there.

 AMAZING free clipart via Graphics Fairy.  More on that tomorrow. 

What's on your list of Thanksgiving must-haves?  Here's hoping your Thanksgiving Week is everything it is cracked up to be!  (And that you don't find nuts in your stuffing) :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Office Ideas

I have been thinking A LOT about offices lately.  As I have had more design work to do, I have been spending more time in my office.  When I think about my dream office, my first thought is one that doesn't have old cereal bowls stuck to the desk.  Oh, and maybe someplace comfy to sit and look at a magazine.   A girl can dream can't she?

I also LOVED these images from Holly at Nothing but Bonfires here.

Did you notice the turquoise dry erase board on her desk?  It is actually made out of the IKEA frame I wrote about last week here.  And no, I still haven't bought mine, and yes, there is still half a gallery wall hanging in my family room.  And I am seriously thinking I am going to have to buy that rug.  It is a steal from Overstock here.

Don't tell Bryan I am thinking about starting my office least until I have my gallery wall done.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gallery Wall

I'm working on a new gallery wall for my family room.  I was sitting at the bar (my kitchen bar, not like a real bar) last Saturday night while my hubby and his buddies watched their 7th or 8th PAC 12 Football Game of the day.  We were supposed to have tiled the laundry room that morning, but the laundry room was no further tiled than it has been for the past two years, so I decided to work on another project instead.  I have planned on doing something about the blank wall behind our flat screen TV for a really long time.  And for some reason, that day became the day.

I took some quick measurements (with lots of dudes shouting at my back to get out of the way) and then made this quick "to scale" drawing. 

After I had a rough idea of what I thought would work in the space, I looked through my scrap frame pile, and did a little online shopping to fit in what would work with the sketch I had made. 


I found this great FREE printable here......
(It's available in the yellow, aqua, gray or red).  I emailed mine to the local copy store, and had them print it 11 x 14, for about $1.25.

and this cute (and cheap) IKEA frame here.....

then I got out my trusty 64 pack of crayons and added in color where I thought it was needed.  The striped frames on the right will be pictures of my kids on cut and painted 2 x 12 pine boards (when I get them finished).

I am only halfway done with the the left half of the gallery wall is installed without the right, and I assure you it looks GREAT!  It actually looks pretty ridiculous.  I need to hurry and finish the rest of my art projects, or people will think I am insane.  I wonder if you can see the wall from the street?  (Yikes!!!)  I will post some pictures when it is actually done.

Anyway, I thought I would leave you with a few other inspirational gallery walls.  I first saw this super fun house on House of Turquoise, here, and I loved how she put together her gallery walls. 

There is an even more complete home tour here on Apartment Therapy.



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