Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Snip-Its

Thanksgiving Snapshots and a Christmas Sneak Peek 

We had Thanksgiving at the hotel this year with my mom's extended family.  Meaning my Grandma's brothers and sisters.....and families.  I'm not gonna lie.  It was a little off the hook this year.  My family was a tiny bit late (no surprise) and because of that, we ate Thanksgiving Dinner in the hall....that's right, on those faux leather hotel lobby the hall......on paper plates.  So, I'm not sure if we'll do that for our Thanksgiving Dinner again.  We may just come back to the hotel later in the day for the card playing/swimming/pie eating that goes on after the big meal.  It was fun though.  And super great to see all my extended cousins.

Tinny and Cameron
(Tinny had been swimming, hence the messy hair.) 

Julie and Bryan 

Grandpa Duane 

Lucy Lu (Also right after a swim)

Also, immediately following Thanksgiving Dinner, (I had literally just set down my fork), my Decorating Tsar (Tinny) asked when we would be getting out the Christmas Decorations.  I had told him about three months ago that we would take out the Christmas Decorations when Thanksgiving was over.  Apparently he had listened.

So I'm not ready for a whole big Christmas reveal, but just a sneak peek at what we are doing.

The best snag I have picked up this year is this $5 dollar FRESH garland and wreath from Home Depot.  The store told me they would not be getting more in once the shipment was gone, so if you have time today I would run over and get some.

You do have to pull an ugly red felt bow off the wreath before you use it (well I guess you don't have to, but we did).  I will show some more pictures when we get more done.

Happy Decorating!

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