Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gallery Wall

I'm working on a new gallery wall for my family room.  I was sitting at the bar (my kitchen bar, not like a real bar) last Saturday night while my hubby and his buddies watched their 7th or 8th PAC 12 Football Game of the day.  We were supposed to have tiled the laundry room that morning, but the laundry room was no further tiled than it has been for the past two years, so I decided to work on another project instead.  I have planned on doing something about the blank wall behind our flat screen TV for a really long time.  And for some reason, that day became the day.

I took some quick measurements (with lots of dudes shouting at my back to get out of the way) and then made this quick "to scale" drawing. 

After I had a rough idea of what I thought would work in the space, I looked through my scrap frame pile, and did a little online shopping to fit in what would work with the sketch I had made. 


I found this great FREE printable here......
(It's available in the yellow, aqua, gray or red).  I emailed mine to the local copy store, and had them print it 11 x 14, for about $1.25.

and this cute (and cheap) IKEA frame here.....

then I got out my trusty 64 pack of crayons and added in color where I thought it was needed.  The striped frames on the right will be pictures of my kids on cut and painted 2 x 12 pine boards (when I get them finished).

I am only halfway done with the the left half of the gallery wall is installed without the right, and I assure you it looks GREAT!  It actually looks pretty ridiculous.  I need to hurry and finish the rest of my art projects, or people will think I am insane.  I wonder if you can see the wall from the street?  (Yikes!!!)  I will post some pictures when it is actually done.

Anyway, I thought I would leave you with a few other inspirational gallery walls.  I first saw this super fun house on House of Turquoise, here, and I loved how she put together her gallery walls. 

There is an even more complete home tour here on Apartment Therapy.


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