Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some New Art

After school yesterday, I asked Tinny to help me with an art project. He is the ultimate craft man, so I knew he would agree. I used a simple canvas I bought at JoAnn's, then just used craft paints. I put masking tape in two lines where I wanted the lettering to go (to keep it as straight as possible for a kindergartner), then I traced the outlines of the forks and spoons, and outlined them in black paint. After that I just let him do the rest of the painting himself. I love the faces!

I had originally thought I would just frame this art project he had done in school a few weeks ago, but I knew we could amp it up a little. I had been trying to find something for my kitchen dining nook for a long time, and I thought the fork and spoon idea was brilliant for that spot.

The lighting in the pictures looks a little drab, but the painting really does liven up the corner.

The first of many masterpieces.


  1. That is such a great idea!! I love it. Good job Tinny!

  2. Thanks "John". I'll tell Tinny you liked it. He is actually really proud! And I LOVE how it turned out.




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