Thursday, June 10, 2010

Craftsman Style

image from Trulia Seattle Real Estate

So I have been searching high and low for inspiration for the exterior portion of our remodel. It's true that we are not quite done with the inside yet, but I CAN NOT TAKE IT ANYMORE!

When I pulled up to the house last week after being away for a few days, I knew I had reached the end of my rope. Something had to be done with the outside of the house, or I was going to have to permanently attach a blindfold to my face.

So........we started digging. We have always thought we would get rid of the old rock wall, but the thousands of dollars we could save by keeping it, are making that old wall look better and better.

image Yellow Dog Design
We have settled on a Craftsman/Cottage/Cape Cod look for the outside. And as it turns out, lots of Craftsman homes have rock walls that look just like ours!

image found here

Image Yellow Dog Design

Is it just my imagination, or does it look better already?

image source unknown
We also have a red brick path similar to this one......

image Yellow Dog Design
sort of.....

I really like this paint color.

I found this amazing Craftsman on two different sites.
this one here....

and here.....

more brick, found here

even better brick, here

I found this cute yellow cottage here.

Columns are going to be the next thorn in my side......

Stay tuned.


  1. I love that style of house! I love the existing rock walls and brick pathways. The fact that you already have that is just bonus! Let's start digging. You know how I feel about J&J!

  2. I don't know why it says: John said:... He gets no credit for this! (and he definately does NOT love J&J) Heather



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