Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Halloween

I finally cleared off the huge pile of Halloween decorations off my dining room table, and put them together around the house.

The old window came out of the house my in-laws are redoing in Fairfield Idaho.

Quinny LOVES Halloween (and actually any other holiday), and all the decorations that go along with it, so I would never get away with not putting up the decorations.

The only "new" stuff I bought this year came from either Dollar Tree, or D.I. What can I say? I'm a cheapskate.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Your mantle looks adorable....Love the skeleton garland. My William loves Halloween too. He "made" me put our decorations up in the middle of September! LOL

  2. Stine,

    Lara is making do black cut out rats for our floorboards too. She liked yours.



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