Thursday, February 17, 2011

San Francisco

(Photo from Marriott website)
So we just returned from the absolute best Valentine's Day I have ever had.

Seriously. Four days in beautiful San Francisco with my hubby (of 15 years this month I might add.)

(Unknown photo credit)
Let me just say, it is a good thing there are a lot of hills to walk in that city because I ate..... I ATE A LOT. Our hotel was at the very top of the hill in this old photo.

(Photo from Marriott website)
We stayed at the Stanford Court Renaissance Hotel by Marriott.
Our room was small but really comfy and stylish. Also a super location.

(Photo from Marriott website)
And no, I never saw the inside of this room.

I have to say the thing I liked best about San Fran was the architecture.

(Andrew Novak Photo)
And if you have ever seen the size of Nordstrom at Union Square, that is saying a lot.

So when I got home on Monday night I did the first thing I always do when I come home from a trip (and no it is not unpacking.......still not done.) No, the first thing I do is look at Real Estate listings. And as I'm sure you can guess, San Francisco has some dandies.

house ext
(Listing Provided Courtesy of: David Bellings, Coldwell Banker, here)
If you have $12 million to spend I have just the place for you.

house piano 2
The house is over 9,000 square feet, and was built in 1904. (Interesting that it survived the big earthquake in 1906).

house living

This house almost makes me want to cry.

SF Island
No seriously, I have tears.

house kitchen

house family room

house master
This is a really great use of the space in the master.

house bath

house bath 2

house office

house theater 2
Hands down my favorite theater room ever.

house theater


house view
Thank you San Francisco. You were great!


  1. wow what a beautiful city! It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation (wink).

  2. what a wonderful trip! I went to san francisco over new years and loved it! It's such a cool city. I was not a fan of walking the hills though. I kept asking my mom if we could walk there and take a taxi back! ha ha. That house is incredible! Thank you so much for posting it. I agree that the theater room is to die for!

  3. also, thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog the other day. So sweet. :)

  4. My great grandparents lived in San Francisco and it was our treat the year each of us turned 6, we got a trip with our parents alone to San Francisco. My great grandpa used to own a hotel on Union street.

    I LOVE the house - inside and out. I like the cook books covered in white to keep the white look of the cabinets, but I think the real books covered in white is too much. Of course, up here, we don't do anything in white or grey - we are surrounded by it outside for 12 months a year. lol



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