Monday, May 30, 2011

Bathrooms First Look

Guess what came today! The marble hex floor tiles for the master bath in our spec home. I couldn't be more excited if this were going in my own home! Well, that's probably not true. I would be more excited if this were for my house.....but I'm still really excited. I have wanted to use this material forever it seems.

Until recently, I just found it too expensive to justify. But on a recent trip to "The Orange Store" as Tinny calls it, I came across a whole new line of special order designer tile. The tile is on the high end of pricing for tile at Home Depot, but very affordable when compared to the specialty tile stores.

This is the actual board I ordered the hex tile from.

The 12 x 12 tile I used for the hall bath floor, and the coordinating hex mosaic for the master bath floor. Both baths have white high gloss subway tile in the bathtub surrounds. We splurged and bought a brand new shiny white tub for the hall bath (even though it already had a white tub). There is something so great about a new shiny white tub. (And something not so great about a scuzzy worn out tub).

Anyway, here's a snapshot of the progress in both the hall and master bath from the befores, to the present day status. There is still MUCH work to be done.....but we are coming along!

The master bath did not have a shower or bathtub, but had enough room to add a special apartment length bathtub. Adding the plumbing was the main challenge here, but luckily this bathroom backs up to the other bath, so we were able to open the wall, and floor below to gain access to the plumbing. The new plumbing was followed by setting the brand new tub, adding a layer of water resistant tile backer (a must), and the bathroom is now in the process of getting all subway-tiled up! Next, we will be ready to lay the marble hex floor....yippee!!! The vanity is going to be awesome too. Brand new white cabinet, curvy quartz counter and backsplash, and a really cool round sink. Stay tuned to see the final results. You won't want to miss it.

And in case that isn't enough inspiration for you, here are some other great bathrooms featuring marble hex tile floors. All images below from DecorPad.

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