Tuesday, May 24, 2011

U2 Tonight

One of my most favorite things I have ever done, was to attend the U2 concert in Glasgow Scotland in the summer of 2009. Bryan and I were on a trip to Ireland, and knew that U2 was playing in Scotland the next week, so we arranged our trip to include the stop in Glasgow. (Thanks for the idea Andersons!) The concert was so amazing. The only down side was the weird Spanish guy I sat next to (behind me in the photo) that breathed really loudly through his nose......ewww.

Since we are attending the U2 concert in Salt Lake tonight (YIPPEE) I thought I would show you a few of my favorite things we saw while in Ireland and Scotland.

As a result of that trip, I discovered my favorite place on earth (so far). Edinburgh, Scotland. This is St. Margaret's Chapel inside Edinburgh Castle. It is the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. It is tiny at only about 10 X 16 feet, and very intimate. (A wedding here would be awesome).

There is something so special and reverent about the little chapel. I teared up while inside, (I know...not that surprising considering how often I tear up). But I really didn't want to leave. Bryan finally had to drag me back outside. The Chevron moldings (they looked like they were made of stone) were simply fantastic.

I plan to have a large print of this photo made some day.

A few of my other favorites from around the city. Miracle Mile.

One of Edinburgh's amazing rooflines.

The Castle built on the rock cliffs.

The West Bow. We looked up something at in Internet cafe here. I think it was in the shop with the blue doors.

Another castle view. Photos don't do this city justice.

Another thing I loved loved loved, were all the Georgian style brightly colored doors in Dublin. The doors have been highly photographed (remember this poster?) but they really are cool in real life. And they are EVERYWHERE. It is not an isolated instance, they really are all over the city. Law firms, retail stores, homes, apartment buildings, you name it! They all have these crazy bright colored doors. I took dozens of my own photos of the doors, but since we were always in a moving car while I passed the doors, they are all blurry :( sad I know.

I plan to do another post with more detailed Ireland homes and architecture, but I can't now, I'm off to get ready for the concert!!!

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