Tuesday, December 6, 2011

All About Ottomans

Image via Country Living

I have been searching for months now for the perfect Craigslist coffee table to turn into an ottoman.  My list of requirements was strict.  The table had to be burly enough to withstand kids using it as a diving board onto the sofa, and big enough to meet the space requirements for the space.  I finally found what I had been looking for...........and he cost only 20 bucks!

Meet Otto.  Otto the Ottoman.  When I brought him home, there were lots of very loud protests.  "It stinks!  It's so ugly!  Get rid of it!  Take it back!"

I admit, he is still just a big nasty 1970's coffee table, but he is destined for greatness.  I am still deciding on which fabric to use (Bryan has suggested vinyl?!#??which won't be happening), but it does have to be durable, stain resistant and still great looking. 

 I have long loved this ottoman in Kate Winslet's house from the movie "The Holiday".  I am debating button tufting or no button tufting for my coffe table makeover.  I am just not sure if my upholstering skills are quite strong enough to endure tufting.  But this is a REALLY great looking ottoman.

Lands End for Sears

If you don't feel like you are up to the whole search Craigslist for months, buy supplies, learn how to upholster route, there are MANY good and affordable off the shelf options. 

I first saw this K-Mart storage ottoman on 6th Street Design School. I have been looking for an ottoman for a client's kitchen/great room makeover, and I thought this would be perfect for her small space. She has decided to skip the ottoman, but I still think it is a GREAT deal. Right now it is only $79! You can pick one up here.

Image via Ballard Designs

The Ballard Designs Storage Bench (shown above) looks incredibly similar to the K-Mart one, but starting at around $400, the K-Mart bench is just a fraction of the price.  

Anyway, I will post way more pictures and a "HOW-TO" tutorial on "how to turn your crappy 1970's coffee table into an ottoman" as soon as I have finished.  Hopefully it won't be too long, but I am also working on:

  1. finishing the laundry room
  2. painting a vintage lamp
  3. decorating for Christmas
  4. finishing my gallery wall
  5. my office makeover
  6. clien'ts great room makeover
  7. client/friend's bathroom remodel

Oh, and look for an AWESOME giveaway next week (my first one by the way), and you WON'T want to miss it!

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