Sunday, December 11, 2011

Candyland Christmas

This is my second year doing the "Candyland" Christmas theme outside. I made the candy poles last year out of 6" PVC pipe, that I spray painted white. I hot-glued the ribbon around the pole, and then added giant ornaments glued to the top.

My neighbor came over while I was putting everything together and says "You sure have a lot of stuff on there", (picture me doing my doofy voice impersonation there).  To which I replied, "Oh, do you think it is too much?"  (As if I care what he thinks).  He then says "I don't know, don't ask me".  It was at this point that I realized there was food all over his chin.  I then said, "You're right, I won't ask you, you don't know anyway".  He was not in the least offended.

I swear I did not pose this picture.  Fred was staring at me taking pictures through the glass, and Bryan thought he wanted to be let out.  So he let's him out, and Fred plops down right in my picture.  Then he posed like he was gazing off into the distance romantically.....I swear!  This was not planned!

(Make sure you look at the update pictures at the bottom of this post).

I know, this is a bit over the top than my usual taste, but my kids love it, and that is actually the reason I do it.

At night.

I took these pictures before I had finished the bases.  (See below).  The rocks are needed to hold the heavy poles in place.   Last year I had fake snow in the urns, and giant candy ornaments, but the "snow" blew all over the yard and made a huge mess.   

UPDATE:  I did get the bases done.  I used some of the fallen boughs from the wind storm to fill up the bottom of the urns.  I also brought out some lanterns I already had.  I like the finished product MUCH better.

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  1. Love your decor! Is that a Craftsman front door? So gorgeous!



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