Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heber City Dream Home

So what's on the agenda for this weekend?  Finishing up the decorations.....doing a little shopping.....some real estalking......Yup that's right.  I have been pretend real estate shopping again.  One of Utah's new "hot spots" is Heber City.  It's a little more rural than Park City, but still very beautiful, and becoming very elite.  It use to be nothing more than a quaint little valley with farms and old time milkshake shops, but the increasing popularity in Park City and Deer Valley, and the limits on availability there, have pushed the boundaries out further where second-home seekers will go.

This little (well this 5700 square feet) beauty is available to purchase, for just under $2 million.

There are 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms (so that your whole family and two of the neighbors can all be using the facilities at the same time).

There is also 1.2 acres of space to call your own.

This house is actually a tad too modern for my taste.  (I do like those bar stools though).

I think the bedrooms are lovely too.

It looks to me like the TV can be raised into the ceiling?  Not sure, but I love that cabinet to the left.

Super cute.  I wish we could see the bedside table better.  Those curtains are AWESOME.

Everybody needs there own personal massage room right?  The problem is, where is the masseuse suppose to stand?  It looks a little crowded in there.

This is actually my favorite room in the whole house.  I love the idea of using tile in unexpected ways.  That built in shelving wall is AMAZING.  I also really like the low sofa and the masculine IKAT pillow.

I hope there is another point of access to get home besides that tiny little bridge.  I'm pretty sure that thing wouldn't hold my SUV.  To see the complete listing, go here.

Have a great weekend!

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